Starting my first Noz deck, Flames of the Inheritor
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Auteur :  hederach [ 01 Novembre 2013, 11:54 ]
Sujet du message :  Starting my first Noz deck, Flames of the Inheritor

i've been playing for awhile now and already formed a good desert nomad and kotoba deck and decided to make my first Noz deck, basically a noz fire blast themed with ciramor(just for fun hehe), and here's what i got...

Ciramor (Mage)
Archmage Anryena
Lord Dragon Alishk (Fire)

combustion x2
double clay x3
draconian scepter x1
fireball x1
landslide x3
magic study x2
savage cloak x2
smoked arrow x3
shape of a dragon x3
temporal paradox x2

22 cards

...all my fire spells comes from the Noz starter deck and i just added a few new cards, still saving my crystals for good fire spells so it's still rlly noobish, any tips on how to improve and continue from this point on will be really helpfull, tnx

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