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 Sujet du message : Witchblades - Basic -> Standard
Message Publié : 02 Janvier 2014, 03:51 

Inscription : 07 Décembre 2013, 08:31
Message(s) : 115
OK... Just a few questions and an observation...

My WB Deck - Basic is currently

Eglantyne and Moira

3x WB Armour
3x Ice Shield
2x The Dance of the Blades
3x Combustion
1x Fireball
2x Mentalism
1x Living Dagger
3x Power
1x Sword of Light
1x Magic Attack

Adding another Dance of the Blades is a given as is 2-3 Rain of Death ( In a month when I get some Feez... Way too expensive in crystals otherwise... )

My questions :

1. I don't seem to get a lot of use from 3x Power without the RoD or Fireballs. Considering switching them out for another 2 Sword of Light ( For Chain + Health ). Is this a good Idea?

2. Art of Magic or Assassination? Or both???

3. Suggestions for improvements to the deck for Standard ( Quilingo ).

My observation:

A lot of the forum with regards to Basic Decks ( Lucyan ) seems to be outdated with cards no longer in Basic discussed. Perhaps they need an annotation to the subject or a dedicated Basic Forum in "Decks and Strategies".

TY ( In Advance )

Should've started with Nehantists... Bah!!!

My Wife calls me a "Pessimist"... I prefer the term "Cynical Realist"...

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Message Publié : 02 Janvier 2014, 04:45 
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Inscription : 04 Février 2013, 17:01
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lucyan had 1 fix time ago, they removed the combo of light blow+secret weapon, and the lightning spell which can heal, like important cards

art of magic 1 or 2 of them, assasination or magic attack is almost the same, put 2 of them

im not playing lucyan at the moment, i played with that deck and added burn in hell

My (outdated) decks

create a new post if you want to communicate with me, DONT SEND PMs!!!!


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