Noz Blast on a Budget
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Auteur :  Ryken [ 11 Juillet 2013, 14:19 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: Noz Blast on a Budget

I've been playing a variant of this I made on the fly and it STILL kicks all sorts of ass. I don't even have Disintegration and it's been tearing things up in the Level Room.

"Level Room?!" You scoff, laughing. "Because that's where the pros go!!"

Well, whatever. There are no restricted cards in the Level Room, my friend, and the fact that this stands up to those OP Legendary Cards says something to me.

Thunderstroke, IMO, seems to be the star of the deck. 2 of those is almost always an instant OHK. I'm saving up for some Disintegration now to see if that helps with the killing power of the deck though.

And while MMP is awesome, I still like Tanaer of Arcania. The Other Side of the Coin -> Water Wave, Water Wave is so awesome. Or when The Other Side of the Coin is attached to him and you play a spell into Water Wave, which gets that other Water Wave. Happens more often than you think.

Awesome deck.

Auteur :  Ryken [ 13 Juillet 2013, 16:41 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: Noz Blast on a Budget

Also, with Lady Izandra? Have you tried + ?

Game: Blouses.

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