Would love some help perfecting my Deck!!
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Auteur :  Beau_Dooley [ 11 Octobre 2013, 00:31 ]
Sujet du message :  Would love some help perfecting my Deck!!

Ok sorry dont know how to import my deck so Im gonna have to type it out...


Great duke protector
Aliede queen of avalonia

1 a just cause(mass Item removal)
1 Admirals stripes
1 Back to nozdingard
1 Divine light
3 Combat trance
3 Level up (recycler lvl ups)
3 Paladins amulet
3 Prestigious great helm
3 Sanctified hammer (lvl2)
3 Sunhit (item removal)
3 Triumph (recycles and lvl ups)

So basicly i just go massive defense and heals first round to insure survival. then I Im basicly unkillable unless your using item removal but i just recycle my items and re equip so doesnt matter. once i get enough lvls i start hitting hella hard. umm i have most trophys but try to keep the deck small so it runs smooth. crow and crazy mage decks can give me some trouble or crazy good nentanic decks depending if my mass removal is going smoothly or not.

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