Help Proposal - Brazilian Team ( non-profit)
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Auteur :  brn9715 [ 25 Août 2019, 18:46 ]
Sujet du message :  Help Proposal - Brazilian Team ( non-profit)

Dear developers or administrators, I would like to propose a non-monetary partnership. Because I have a certain connection with the game, and because I love the created world and all its resourcefulness, I would like to make it big again.
I am a student of letters - Portuguese and English, and I count on the help of a programmer (My cousin) who is also with me in this beautiful cause.
I know that accepting help like this would be crazy, because you don't even know us, but if you say you are willing to listen to our proposals contact me. We are really willing to help this company and this game.
We don't have the "Perfect Game and Mobile" proposals, but we have real, applicable ideas to at least bring back a few more players and even get the game economy back on track.

If you are interested, as I said, we do not want money, please contact me so I can send you our ideas and proposals for the game.

WhatsApp: 19 99396 2500

let's make Eredan greater again!

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