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 Sujet du message : Another Judge & others cards.
Message Publié : 26 Octobre 2017, 23:04 

Inscription : 10 Novembre 2013, 22:48
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Name: Judge Eleniel
Design: Angel like creature, with sword.
Race: Unknown - Light Guemelite - War Guemelite
Class: Warrior - Priest
Gender: Unknown

Spirit: 2
Attack: 8/9
Defense: 3
Health: 16

Spell or Theurgy Chain to non-Theurgy and non-Spell.
May play Light, War and Demon Hunter Spells without restrictions.
All damage dealt and suffered modifications are ignored.
Turn 2, 3, 4 and 7: Attack, Spirit and Defense +1, x2 versus Demons.
Only Turn 1*: Each character ignore all active opposing penalties and gain highest bonuses to attributes between self and all opposing characters. Both until the end of the game.

*Activate always before opponent order bonus unless it is also Only Turn 1.


Name: Party Hard
Design: Picture with Marauder stealing something, Mage casting a powerful spell, Warrior training with his sword and Priest reading some scrolls.
Type: Action - Unique
Class: Marauder - Warrior - Mage - Priest
One character can trigger only one effect:
Have Marauder: Opponent discard a card from deck, if can't then from hand.
Have Warrior: Attack and Defense +1 until the end of the game. Chain.
Have Mage: At the end of fight: Put random Unique Spell from your discard pile into your hand.
Have Priest: Opposing characters lose one maximum Health and your character gain one until the end of the game.


Great Maze

Type: Place - Dungeon
Characters out of fight have -2 damage suffered.
Character chosen to fight gain -4 damage suffered until her first card activates or she didn't play any.
Beast: Attack +1 and gain Cor rune.
Human: Spirit +1 and gain Nox rune.
Craftsman or Runic: Chain.

Grand Theatre
Type: Place - Public

As this card activates and at the start of fight Decoration from your deck is played before yours others cards.
Courier or Craftsman: Chain.
Unknown Class Courier: Spirit +1 and Heal 1 each time Decoration is activated.

Deadulos (Dea-dulos not Dead-ulos)
Design: Greek mythology.

Spirit: 1
Attack: 6/9
Defense: 3
Health: 15
Max Runes: 3

Guild: Runic Legion
Race: Human
Class: Craftsman
Gender: Male
Caste: Architect
Chain Place to Craftsman Item.
If a character die, reactivate as played by Deadulos all yours Places from her on another character same player control.
If after turn 6 and next turns there is 6 yours Places in game with at least three different subtypes and you have a living Architect, you win the game.
Turn 1, 2, and 5: Spirit +1 per allied Priest, Defense +1 per allied Warrior and Draw a card per allied Craftsman.


Fake Castle
Design: Blown tanks WWII.
Class: Craftsman - Marauder - Warrior
Type: Place - Military

Duration 3 fights.
Defense +2.
Next time when one or more of your characters receive damage by opposing card,
that damage is ignored and this and opponents card is discarded.
Architect: This card isn't discarded by previous effect.


Design: Greek mythology.

Spirit: 1
Attack: 7/10
Defense: 3
Health: 15
Max Runes: 3

Guild: Runic Legion
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Gender: Male

Chain Item Other or, if you have an Architect also Place
Spirit +1 per equipped Item Other*.
If alive, redirect all magic damage suffered by your other characters to himself.
When die, chose a character then deal X fire damage to her where X is equal to (6 + 1 per rune worn) x 2 if Ikarois suffered fire damage during this turn.
Turn 1, 2 and 4: Gain Craftsman and Priest Class for 2 turns.

*Starting from Item Other activation turn.

Temple of the goddes (rework)
Action -> Place - Sacred
none -> Have Architect: Duration +1 fight, min 2.
Enchaînement -> Chain (missed during translation)
Runic Wings:
Guild: Runic
Class: Warrior - Craftsman - Marauder
Type: Item Other
Pernament. Chain Place. One copy per character only.
If played by "Deadulos" or "Ikarois" create and play a copy on your another Runic character. Defense +2 and -2 direct damage suffered.
Ignore yours Spirit penalties.
Suffer draconic and lightning damage as fire damage instead.

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