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Auteur :  ZyronHD [ 10 Avril 2017, 09:28 ]
Sujet du message :  BUFF Archmage Artrezil

Hello i Archmage need realy a update because discards are not the best for a mage so this would be my idea for a good zil champion :D

Archmage Artrezil
Guild: Zil
Race: Gemelith of Shadow, Gemelith of Gem
Spirit: 3
Atk: 3/6
Def: 3
Health: 15
Afterplaying your cards, the last playable card in your discards pile is played
Your Turned the Shadowside are permentantly
and your gemelith are getting +1 magic damage
Od Turns:1 or 2 cards from your discards pile are getting back to your deck

This is my idea for the zil champion buff and the champion are getting some weapon and so too and his book of the shadow are realy weak so i got a idea for it XD

Book of the Shadow
Item Magic Book
Permant your charakter gain atk+1 and def +1
for every playing shadow spell your char heal for 0 or 1

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