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 Sujet du message : Stories from the land of Guem
Message Publié : 28 Mai 2015, 09:06 
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So it looks like there will no longer be any official stories put out by Feerik. Which I find to be a shame as the stories about the cards and characters was one of my favorite parts of this game.

To that end I am going to be sporadically adding slice of life stories inspired by Eredan.

this is by no means cannon, just a big heap of fan fiction for my and anyone else to enjoy.



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Message Publié : 28 Mai 2015, 09:07 
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focused on her breathing. The sharp frozen air stung her throat and lungs, but she embraced the pain just as she had taught by her Ice Elf Tutor.
“Take in the cold, become as ice, then release the Storm,”
The Ice Elf’s ancient prayer became a new mantra that she had incorporated into her Kotoba Training. Uinata’s blade dug deep into the undead monster’s flesh. The cut did little to the zombie as its organs had stop functioning long ago, but the accompanying burst of frost turn the meat and blood of the creature to ice. With a satisfying snap Uinata pulled back her blade leaving her opponent as a horrifying statue. With a quick pivot she turned to face two more zombies trudging forward thought the snow. A sky cracking screech filled the air and before Uinata could attack her new foes they were snatched up by a pair of giant Owl Claws. The Tracker let a smile cross her face, she could not have asked for a better partner in this battle than the Berserker . Now at the height of her rage, Ayir was an unpredictable torrent on the battle field. Her erratic maneuvers left the enemy constantly changing tactics in a vain effort to counter attacks. Amongst this Chaos, Uinata was able to move gracefully from target to target, dispatching them with perfect precision.
“Like Yin and Yang,” Uinata said as she struck down another of the zombie horde. The mutual respect between Tracker and Berserker that these woman currently enjoyed had not always existed.

“It is with a humble heart I seek an audience with ladies and lords of if the Ice kingdom. I have tracked an army of the unquiet dead to your lands. I come here to seek safe passage while I track this enemy,” Uinata spoke in the open air court of the Ice Elves. She had made sure to observe all the rituals and social graces she had been taught when speaking to the royalty of her nation. It was an effort that went completely unnoticed by the Ice Elves in attendance.
“An Army of what?” Bits of roasted Elk fell from the mouth of the bare chested Ice Elf as he spoke.
“Fallen soldiers and slain farmers, risen by the power of the Nehant and sent to do their bidding.” This elicited a response from the Court. The Ice Elf had great reason to hate the Nehantists, and at the mention of the name many young Berserkers rose to their feet and began pounding shafts of their spears upon the ground and let loose cries for vengeance. silenced the din with a wave of his arm and spoke directly to Uinata.
“Why do the Nehantists send their minions here, and what interest does the Crimson South in the fate of Elves?” The question hung heavy in the air.
“Wise Leader of the Proud…” Uinata was cut off mid-sentence.
“Here on the glacier pleasantries are like southern flowers – they do not last long in the cold.” Said a young and beautiful Ice Elf maiden. A wave of laughter ran though the court, and even Fyrnir enjoyed a chuckle.
“Ayir speaks the truth,” said Fynir.
“I will take a rude truth before I suffer a polite lie.” Uinata rose from her submissive stance, a new tactic was in order.
“At this movement a great undead force assaults Akushin. This smaller army broke off from the main force and headed north. The Nehantists are insane but they are not wasteful, there is a reason the dead are here. I was sent to find out why. My first thought is that they came to kill your people and add their corpses to their ranks. This is not the case as they moved west, away from your hunting grounds. I have not come for help, I came to inform you of my presence in your land. I can afford no more enemies at this time.” The court was quite. Fynir rose from his seat, and Uinata realized for the first time how much taller he was than the warriors of the Kotoba.
“This one is fearless – like a Berserker. You will have your safe passage. Ayir you shall provide it,” Fynir spoke never taking his eyes from Uinata.
“The Southerner said she need no help,” Ayir said though pursed lips.
“And I will not have our guest freeze to death on the field of Kings,” said Fynir.
“The field of Kings?” Uinata asked.
“If they are heading west that is the only thing they could be searching for. The hallowed Ice sheet where the kings of the past are entombed.”

“Your hat is stupid,” Ayir yelled at Uinata as they raced across the snow fields.
“What is wrong with my Sandogasa,” Uinata said.
“I just told you, it is stupid. It might keep the snow out of your eyes, but not the wind of your face. And the red silks you wear will only help the Volks find your frozen body. I swear, even the Linkers know enough to cover themselves in fur.” Ayir said.
“Oh, so I should dress like you,” Uinata countered pointing to Ayir’s exposed arms and legs.
“I am Ice Elf – we become the cold, something you could never do South Flower,” Ayir said as she slowed to a stop. Uinata also halted.
“The Emperor’s Trackers are trained for all forms of harsh environments. I swam for three Kilometers though ice water, I can turn the pain of the cold off,” Uinata said not even trying to hide her pride.
“Water can only get so cold, and it is the cold that causes no pain that will kill you.” Ayir closed her hand into a fist, then swung her hand out towards the field. As her fingers opened a jet of frozen air covering the soft snow with a jagged sheet of Ice. Uinata was speechless.
“I am Ice Elf – I am the Cold.” Ayir then gestured out over the barren land.
“And we are now standing on the edge of the field of Kings. So now Tracker tell me where your army is,” Ayir said. Uinata removed her hat and scanned the snow fields. She took in the falling snow, calculating its rate of accumulation. Her bare left cheek felt the strength and direction of the wind, and compared that knowledge to the shape and spacing of the the snow hills. Quietly she searched the landscape for subtile clues that would revile her the path of her pray. The two women stood unspeaking for a long moment. Ayir began to feel her annoyance rise and was about to let loose another volley of insults when Uinata exclaimed:
“There!” and the Tracker raced off over the snow. Ayir gritted her teeth and charged after her. Even as a native of the shelf she could not see the subtile indentations in the snow that Uinata was following. The Kotoba was so assured of her abilities that Ayir had trouble keeping pace. Just as suddenly has she had taken off, Uinata stopped in her tracks and motioned to the Ice Elf for silence. In a low voice so the moan of the ice winds covered sound of her voice.
“Our enemy is just ahead,” Uinata said. Ayir could see nothing and looked at the Tracker as though she were addled.
“Have your eyes frozen, I see no one,” Ayir certainty was broken as she saw a flash of color among the snow, for just a moment and then it disappeared again into the white.
“They are digging in the snow,” said Uinata.
“No,” Ayir replied
“They are unearthing our ancestors,” a bestial growl began to grow in the Ice Elf’s chest.
“We must move up in silence and take them by surprise,” Uinata began to explain. It was however to late as Ayir had already began her charge letting out a horrible battle cry.
Stealth no longer being an option Uinata followed her companion into the fray. it was group of six zombies, most were wrapped in the remains peasant cloths but one was clad in the armor of imperial soldier. Ayir tackled one of the unarmored dead and hammered at it with closed fists until its broken bones would no longer allow it to stand. Uinata filled the air with razor edged metal stars. Each Shrunken was thrown with such precision that if her targets had been living men and women they would have fallen dead from the wounds. These were not the living however and they were unfazed by the attack. Her opponent dispatched Ayir swung her fist at one of the armored creatures. As her fist hit the thick plate mail it made the reverberations of gong being struck. Ayir fell back her hand having been more hurt than the zombie. Instinctively the Ice Elf lashed out with her innate frost magics. Thick ice began to form on the iron armor slowing the creatures movement, but not stopping it. From over Ayir’s shoulders Uinata leapt kicking the dead soldier in it center mass, causing it to stumble back to the ground.
“Hit the ones you can brake,” Uinata called to her ally. Ayir needed no such instruction, as she had already began a melee with the other zombies. The Armored zombie launched itself at Uinata, claws out stretched. Uinata moved to doge the attack, but the extreme cold of this place had taken its toll and one of the boney claws dug deep into her side. Her training prevented her from calling out in pain, but she could feel that the seeping wound her would soon end her life. She need to end this quickly. Focusing all her energy into a single open handed strike, Uinata uttered a defending,
“KAAA!” hit the armor in its widest band. The attack left the armor untouched, but the force of the blow hit the wearer’s flesh and bone everywhere at once. The body exploded inside the metal shell and fell to the ground unmoving.
Clutching her side Uinata looked over to see Ayir stomping the last of her foes into a red mess across the snow. Bit and claw marks covered covered the Ice Elf’s body and while she was victorious it cost her dearly.
“We must find shelter, and bind our injuries,” Ayir said and Uinata weakly nodded in agreement.

In less than an hour the two sat inside of a dome constructed of icy blocks. A small fire warmed them as they wrapped their cuts in treated bandages.
“It was amazing how you found them so quickly,” Ayir said, never taking her eyes from the fire.
“Could you find the others?” she continued.
“I could, but to what end.” Uinata answered.
“Even with your impressive power over the ice, we barley held our own against a hand full. The force I tracked from Akushin is far greater. We would die.” Uinata said.
“My powers, what if I could teach them to you?” Ayir said this time looking directly at Uinata.
“What, no. I am no Ice Elf, how could I learn,” Uinata said in an incredulous tone.
“That attack you did, the one with the yelling,” Ayir questioned.
“The Chi attack. It is a technique the Kobota use to direct the energy of one’s self and the universe in a single movement.” Uinata said.
“It is very close to what we call finding the storm’s eye,” Ayir said taking the tracker’s bandage wrapped hands.
“Take in the power in here,” she said tracing a line from the center of Uinata’s palm down to her wrist.
“Draw it in from around you, but not from something so large as the universe. Use the Ice of the shelf, the weight of the snow and wind of the storm.” Ayir said releasing the Tracker’s hand.
Uinata pulled in her fingers to make a fist drew in the power of frozen world around her, in the same way she had been taught to draw in her Chi. With a quick strike she released that same power upon the cracking embers of the fire. Nothing. Uinata let out a tired laugh.
“It was too much to hope for, I do not have your power.” she said. Ayir had a smile running across her face.
“You were more successful than you think, look at the back of your hand.” Uinata turned her and hand over and saw small chucks of ice had formed on on the back of her bandages and she looked up to share Ayir’s smile.
“The important part is the rage. The powers of the cold are all based in our rage.” Ayir explained.
“But the powers of Chi are all based in discipline and control - I do not know how to add rage to that,” Uinata said.
“That is why it is called finding the eye of the storm, it is from that quite point that you can direct the rage.” Ayir said.
“Just like the Yin and the Yang,” Uinata said as she looked into the palm of her hand.

“Like Yin and Yang,” Uinata said as she struck down another of the zombie horde. The Tracker and the Berserker had spent over three weeks together on the frozen swath that was the Field of Kings, hunting down the Nehantist’s zombies. Now at long last they faced the last of the Army that had come from the south, today they would achieve their goal and end the invader’s presence upon the ice shelf.
the Nehantists were also near to reaching their goal they had scoured the whole of the Field of Kings and had now found themselves just atop their prize.
“We must end them,” called out the transformed Ayir
“This is the Tomb of , one of our greatest champions. If his body becomes a tool of the Nehantists it could be the end of my people.” Ayir said as she swooped down again and tore into a group of charing zombies. Uinata continued to weave in and out of battle taking full advantage of the swath of chaos Ayir was providing.
“If the North falls, so shall the South. Let us ensure that that never happens.” Ever closer the two combatants drew to the center of the army, where a group of zombies tore relentlessly at the frozen earth. Hunks of ice and hard earth were pulled up as they they searched for Hrimnir. Suddenly the frantic excavation ended and Uinata and Ayir could feel the failure of their efforts wash over them. On the backs of the undead Kobota rested the stiff from of a rotted Ice Elf King. As the King was set to the ground the Niantic powers of animation filled the corpse bringing him to a state of unlife.
Standing now on his own power, Hrimnir surveyed the scene. He saw the army of zombies surrounding him, and he saw the two heroins rushing through the battle lines towards him. With howl of rage his decayed from began to change. Long saber like teeth formed in his mouth and cat like claws grew from his hands. As he transformed the sky itself began to darken and ribbons of ghostly light painted the sky.
Uinata had always loved seeing the Northnen lights from her village as a child, but now here a the source she found them to be terrifying.
“If this be our end South Flower, I am glad to have called you Sister!” Ayir screeched.
“I will show no fear for you are at my side!” Uinata called back.

Hrimnir began to yell in the ancient tongue of the Ice Elves. His bellowing and trashing growing so violent that near by zombies were thrown like broken dolls. As Ayir and Uinata drew close enough to engage the undead King, the whole of the sky and land burst into light Blinding the woman before they could reach their goal. A wave of force knocked them to the throwing them to Icy earth.
When they regained their senses, and were able to make it to their feet they found the zombie army fallen and scattered across the snow. Only King Hrimnir still stood. His beastly features melted away and he became once again a dead Ice Elf. In a commanding voice he issued a proclamation in the old language. Then turned walked back into the open pit from where he came and pulled the Ice and dirt back over himself.
“Do you know what he said,” asked Uinata.
“My old Elvish is not as good as it could be,” answered Ayir now in her humanoid form.
“I think he said - I am a King, and a King will rule not be ruled.” She continued.
“So, he would have killed the zombies anyway? our presence her was inconsequential,” Uinata asked in a tired voice. Ayir gave a weak laugh.
“Yes, but lets leave that part out when they are writing the song of our deeds.”

The sound of laughter could be heard across the Field of Kings only slightly muffled by dull moan of the winter winds.

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Bravo Scorvos. Bravo.

Runic Legion GL

Protecting the world from devastation
Uniting all people within our nation

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So, I was going to write a story based on this weeks cards... turns out I kind of already did.

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