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 Sujet du message : The Draconia's Life - Fanfic
Message Publié : 03 Mars 2017, 02:12 
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Hey fellows, what is up? Here I am doing a Noz fanfic, every Thursday I will be posting a story.

I have been having this desire of making a fanfic for a long time, I have already made some stories, and many other to make!!

Warning you, there are many different "story lines". For example: next chapter there will not be anything to do with this one.

I would like to thank Dilson who is translating to English to me :D

Have a great reading:

Citer :
1 - The Proposal/ From preparation to going - In this post, below.
2 - Coming back to astromantic classes - Click Here
3 - 324 Years of Draconia - Click Here

Prologue of this chapter: The Proposal

During wedding of Kaerenn and Pilkim, to calm down Breor, Dragon called him to talk. During conversation which they talked a lot, they have not seen each other for much time.
Dragon asked Breor:

-Breor, I would like to ask something. As you know and probably felt that after using my Stone-heart to transport everybody back to Guem, I lost a huge part of my power. This clearly affects anyone linked to me. So I need to recover this power. When I lived with my parents, they used a sort of rare stone, the Sapphire for their experiments. The sapphires have a great power, somehow they absorb any draconian magic close to them. I know a place... I have found it after Zaina had died, when I passed above it I felt that it was slightly absorbing my magic.
- I see... what else?
-It is under mountains where Boiteux lived, probably in the mountain's heart... I think I need it to recover my power! But I cannot search for it, I have so much to do in Noz'dingard, especially now that there is a prophecy in a role, because of it there are preparations to be done. Anyway, would be possible for you to look for it to me? It has been while since ventured out of Gwad, right?
-While? It seems some centuries the last time I went to Far North... Clearly I can do something for my best friend!! But when do you want me to do leave? Are you going to send someone else with me or I choose my companion?
-You have to be quick, as soon as you finish your preparations you can go, I will send Master Mage Kire, he has done great things in Arcania, I hope you will be there in a week.
-Ok, I hope this Kire is worthy... I am going to call Pilkim, too, this way I will analyze him and will be able to let my daughter rest a little! Hahaha I think I will take two of my sons with me, the need to earn more experience!
-Alright, just be careful with nehantists, they have been attacking more than usual, even Nehant is with me... Well let us go back to your daughter's wedding, otherwise you will miss it, did you know it was Pilkim who made possible to dominate Chalice?
-What? Haha I still have to evaluate him in my current conditions!!

And they kept talking all day during the wedding.

Chapter 1 - From preparation to going

Three days after his daughter's wedding, Breor have almost had everything settled, Kire had arrived the day before. Pilkim had already been warned, so as a consequence Kaerenn got furious with her father for sending her husband to an adventure!
He was missing only one his sons, but he had not chosen yet. There were not many options, all women were occupied, the only ones free to go were Veryl, Garto and Maahir, so Breor called them to decide who would accompany him.
As he told them the story, Maahir really got excited, because this would have been their first adventure. Breor, seeing his excitement let him make part of the team. The other two did not seem very interested, Garto wanted to stay in the city to take part in more duels, while Veryl wanted to keep studying spells in the secret library that he has just discovered at the palace.


Veryl, seeing his brother being unhappy and about to enter in something boring to him, he said to his father:
- Father, Pilkim and Kire are going to join you as well, aren’t they? If so, I will replace Garto, this can be my only chance with two Master-Mages, it will be a good opportunity for me to earn more knowledge!
-Ok, Garto, you are free this time then... Go, my sons, and prepare yourself, we are leaving for the mountains tomorrow

With this Veryl left to take some of his books and magic items, Maahir as well to equip his battle gear.
In the following day they met at the big gate of Gwad and set off towards the mountains of Northern Draconia.

Guild Leader Noz

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Why changed: Now i have an original nick! :P

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Message Publié : 05 Mars 2017, 12:25 
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Localisation : Romania
Keep doing ^^ I love it!

Guild Leader of the Zil Warriors

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Message Publié : 05 Mars 2017, 18:55 
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Good Fanfic! :D

Dúvidas? Todos temos, mas correr atrás das respostas nos faz evoluir! :D

By ~ Krillan ADM-CDE

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Message Publié : 07 Mars 2017, 17:34 
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Pretty interesting :D, but the stories are just about Breor? or just the beginning?

If you want I can help you expand more the world of Draconia with more stories, I have one that other interesting ideas.

Even a well-lit place can hide salvation, a map to a one-man maze that never sees the sun.
Where the lost are the heroes and the thieves are left to drown, but everyone knows by now fairy tales are not found they're written in the walls

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Message Publié : 07 Mars 2017, 17:41 
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John_Sebastian1748 a écrit :
Pretty interesting :D, but the stories are just about Breor? or just the beginning?

If you want I can help you expand more the world of Draconia with more stories, I have one that other interesting ideas.

Not only breor, i have much ideas, 3 others stories only need translate :D

some stories for fun, others for know more draconia, other are more like this of breor, more linked with stories for explain some facts(dragon used magic after lose magic)

Guild Leader Noz

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Why changed: Now i have an original nick! :P

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Message Publié : 09 Mars 2017, 21:00 
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Reached the Day :D

Thanks again for Dilson!!

Coming back to astromantic classes

Obviously, Noz'dingard is a very important city where graduates the best mages.
Almost all kind of magic is taught at its academy. There are those basic subjects such as elemental magics (where everybody really likes learning to deal with fire), but also you can specialize in some magic, for example: some of its specialization subjects are Crystalmancy, Arcanism, Draconism, and some others.
But surely you can specialize in more than one, some even start earlier or later such as Astromancy.

This last one is the least popular of magics, and it starts earlier because of its teacher's plans who is Thyonus. He starts early because of stellar cycle, using the beginning of the imperial year that there are more visible stars, facilitating beginners' learning process.

It is not so popular for starting to be taught five years ago, in the year of 119, two years after equinoxians appeared in Guem. So there was not enough time to appear astromantic celebrities, and because of the few students (33, counting the beginners of this year). Those who are not new students start studying independently, but they ask whatever they want to the teacher, this way Thyonus can always focus on the new students. Logically this system is momentary, it will finish when there will be many students reating two or more classrooms.
Today is the first Astromancy class, so at this moment only students of this subject are at academy.

Thyonus is preparing the class and waiting for the bell ringing, he even gave out some orbital crystals for all room.

**Bell rings**

Almost all students entered, just one was not there. The class has started:

-Good morning everybody. Welcome to Astromancy classes new students and the other have a good return. This year there six new students: Jenna, Kaon, Fergal (who is not in the class), Renee, Yen Qiao, and Zurkhai. Thank you everyone for studying this subject.
Well, to start I am going to show you the current stars in the sky,just to see how it is you only have to use spell, it makes the sky visible in the evening for you and those who are near.

**Room starts to nightfall and the stars appear**

-As you can see this time of the year é full of stars which is going to be our first classes theme. The stars were created during Prime Gods' battle, basically they are the battle residue.
Is there a new student who knows anything about the stars?

The former students were laughing with so much will of answering it and showing off to the new ones, but while they were waiting for the answer, Jenna stood up.

-I have read a lot about them. Their powers can be combined, like pairs dancing, this way creating an Astromantic spell. Using the power of more than 2 stars is difficult and requires much ability. Among Astromantic books the maximum that a Mage of this speciality has got was seven stellar powers reunited.

And Jenna sat down, and the veteran students even behaved.
Jenna is Kaon's sister, both of them were invited for Thyonus to come to mage academy. Thyonus found them looking at the stars in a flat land after they have been failed in other tests of Noz'digard. Jenna is fascinated for the stars, she can even see them dancing!

-Well done, Jenna, I can see you studied a lot. Yes, the size defines the quality of the spell inside them, how big they are the less quality. When a star loses its magic it gets extinguished for decades reuniting again, but do not be misunderstood, the way we use their spells do not make them losing their magic, as soon as we use the magic they go back to them. Is there anyone who started today has already tried some Astromantic spell?

Ye Qiao, from Xzia, immeadiatly stood up. Always excited to learn she even rented a room in Draconia to study more.

-Yes, I have tried twice, the first was a Planet-sphere, I have made a little one, but the second one was made of orbital crystals. I could not do it.

-You were brave for trying to make the crystals so quickly, to learn how to use Astromancy start trying to feel the number of small stars that we can see today! By the way the first to get it right will win an Astromantic spell book!!

And like this all new students started to focus while Thyonus was asnwering questions from the veterans. Kaon was bored. He even asked Jenna what time it was. He does not like so much stars, but he is passionated about planets.

Guild Leader Noz

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Message Publié : 17 Mars 2017, 04:28 
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I'm Back!!
With more one draconian story :)

And you? Whats your favorite musical style? Do you prefer Kimiko with Odaiko playing xziarites songs, or a beat of the electric ballads of some DJ, or something??

Translated by Dilson.

Good Reading :D

324 Years of Draconia!

One of the Draconia celebrated days is its own anniversary, now we are in the year of 134 Draconia turns 324 years old.
On this day, it is a habit people change gifts to each other, some even make up their own presents and others give gifts to themselves.

Today, Ardrakar and her daughter, Loryana, go to Noz'dingard downtown to have fun shopping gifts to the family.
Usually the Noz'dingard downtown is crowded of people, they never stop buying, there are all kinds of stores, for example: across from Mak Burgers there is a store of potions where there are cheap potions, dragon's blood protions, Darkat's hair etc...

When they got in the downtown went directly to a jewelry, a habit really common to women... do not resist to it.

-Look at this, Lory, I have never seen such a beautiful necklace like this, but to be honest it costs more than 100 thousand draconian crystals... Let's go to the other side of the store, who knows perhaps there are more "cheap" things!

-Do you want to give something cheap to grandmother, mom? But she knows how much you have spent on it...

-My daughter, of course she deserves something good, but it does not have to be too expensive, besides your grandmother is jealous of me with your dad!

-Ok, what about this Topaz bracelet? It costs 29 thousand crystals and is so beautiful, and here it says this gives luck because of its magic...

-Never mind, that one will be mine!! Haha

-Hahaha, so what are you going to give me? Can I know?

-I have not decided, yet, although I know where I am going to buy it... and of course you will not know until I buy it!!

-Pity... anyway what are we going to give grandmother? How about this emerald Crystal-plated tiara?

-It is difficult to buy a jewel of 46 thousand crystals to mother-in-law, but let's go on this one!! Do you want a jewel, too, my daughter?

-I have seen a bracelet, but that one I pay for it, thanks a lot! Said Loryana laughing.

-So let's keep walking in the downtown.

And they left the store. After visiting many stores they were with many bags. Then they entered in another clothes store.

-Mom, look at what is written "I love Cutirrels", it is perfect to Dad, is it not? Really cute...

-My daughter, sorry, but for your father has to be something more like "I'm a Piguy"... - said Ardrakar laughing, some customers at the store looked at her.

-You are too silly. Haha

-Let's take this one here, your father quite likes Sitar Hero band. He never misses a concert. And if Farookh is present he does not miss it.


-Really? Where is he? I want to see him.


-Is it that one wearing a Mak Burgers shirt?

-Yeah, he works there!!

-Handsome and we also can eat for free there, you are smart huh my daughter... he went to changing room, so let's pay for this shirt to your father, and then we can leave if you REALLY wish.

They left the store, but were tired, now they only have to buy presents to each other to Naya and Aerouant, to Dragon and to Zahal, who was going to visit the castle today.
They were with too many bags, so called "Disk carry bags" and went to wait for them to take the bags at Mak Burgers. They even bought something to eat.

-Two Big Mak Dragoons, please.

-But mom, I do not like Mak Dragoon, you know that, I hate vegetables.

-Who said they are for you? They to me!!

-Wow, I get it - said Loryana who was not expecting for that - I would like to have two fried scale potions!

And they have had a great meal together, Ardrakar even had a Mak Orange Juice cup. As soon as the "Disk Carry Bags" got there, they went to other stores, re-energized.

-Let's go to that stall over there, I am sure Dragon likes musical, let's buy him a ticket to the Octavian Musical. It is only missing Zahal, Naya and Aerouant.

-Are you hurried, mom?

-No, I just do not know what to buy to Dragon, so when I saw they selling those tickets, I found out the solution.

-What does aunt like? And cousin?

-For you cousin a belt with pockets is enough, he always likes carrying crystals with him. But Naya is too difficult to pleasure her with something... what do you think?

-What about a make up kit? She does need it... or a new crown, that one she has is too old-fashioned...

-No, she is going to complain about it if you give that. Haha let's look for something better, we can not give anything for her kitchen, too, she hates being called by housewife...

-I KNOW! How about giving her a pet?

-So what would we give her?

-What about a Darkat baby?

-Alright, almost anyone does not love a baby, not even sister-in-law, there the TamePets, let's go there.

Getting there:

-Wowwwww so cute, can I give him to the aunt with a name?


-His name is going to be Badoen!! I can buy another one to Zahal as well, mom? This another one will be called Darkon.

-Ok Lory, it is only missing ours, but since one does not want to tell the other what will buy, we have to divide, see you later.

They hugged and went each one on her own way.
After shopping, both of them went back to the castle and at night everybody changed gifts with others. Amazingly, Ardrakar guessed right Dragon's musical preferences, Zahal liked his pet, but Naya... well, looked like she did like so much...

And it is like this we celebrate Draconia anniversary! Are you asking yourself about Ardrakar and Loryana's gifts? I can tell you Lorana got a present which costed 1000 crystals and Ardrakar got one which costed 100 thousand crystals!

Guild Leader Noz

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A really enjoyable Fanfic... I NEED MORE!!!!!!! :D

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