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 Sujet du message : Too Many Fast Deck in This Game
Message Publié : 02 Novembre 2017, 14:51 
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In Eredan, the fastest deck wins the game.
This in my opinion ruins the gameplay, because in a card game there should be control deck as well as aggressive deck.
So since the matches in my opinion are too fast, I thought of some modifications that could benefit the game.

1) Limit the number of characters damned / consecrated to 1 per deck.
2) Increase the life of all the characters in the game so that slow deck can prepare their own strategy
3) Take a card at the end of each lap and not until you have 5 card.
In this way it will not be enough to play all five cards out of hand to win, but you will have to think about how to use your own resources.
4) Eliminate the market. Now if a player wants to create a deck, he can no longer find the cards in the market.
Instead create a booster that you can buy with feez or crystals such as a more famous game, hs.
5) Create a way to recycle cards that are not used, to create other cards, such as some successful games that allow you to disenchants cards.

What do you think?

NekrosisOR in game.

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Katla Tornado AoE <3

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Message Publié : 03 Novembre 2017, 08:12 
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Message Publié : 05 Novembre 2017, 21:08 

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number 3 would be a problem cause I like playing discard decks and some benefit from not having certain amount of cards in hand

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