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Message Publié : 10 Janvier 2018, 02:03 
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Inscription : 05 Février 2013, 21:21
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Pretty much the title. Some 2 years of inactivity aside from logging in for an occasional event and I decided to get back. What would be some of good decks that can somewhat work without broken legendaries or trophy/event cards to invest into?

Lineups I currently own:
Unknown Courtiers (both lineups)
Flawseeker Tsoutai (Li Lan, Ayako, Soeiko/Xianren)
Earth Guem Linkers (Karreg, Laelyse, Larzhaen/Izandra)
Discard Abara (Erguji, Atugan, Nyaga)
Runic Priests (Astria, Lania, Erine)
Cheap Immortals (Zehanie, Ba'sthet, Urakia)
Powder Pirate warriors (Admiral, Flammara, Lady Dynamite)
Bes the Retribution (alone obviously)
Semi-finished Corrosive Sand

Any of those decks still holding up and worth upgrading (or useless enough to just sell everything)?
I could manage a few hundred thousand crystals after selling unnecessary stuff to upgrade and have 7 Soulstones available, with zero already Souled cards apart from Tsoutai, who have 3x Tatamijutsu and 3x Allegiance.

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Message Publié : 11 Janvier 2018, 14:45 
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Inscription : 04 Février 2013, 18:30
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Localisation : L'Arc-Kadia
linkers and tsoutai are pretty strong, unofrtunately I haven't seen anything in regards to the other decks since I came back to the game (2 weeks ago)

still you'd better ask an Amnezy o quilingo expert, which I am not.

Don't be sad. Even if the world won't forgive you, i'll forgive you.
Don't be sad. Even if you won't forgive the world, i'll forgive you.
So please tell me. How do I make you forgive me?

Frederica Bernkastel

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