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Auteur :  Konko [ 27 Mai 2014, 10:33 ]
Sujet du message :  [Basic] - Deck


I am still fairly new, but I have invested a bit into the game and by my Magic the Gathering experience I would not call myself a noob. Therefore, I am dealing with the Meta, which is not quite so simple with no experience and no help. In order to earn something, of course I want to build a very strong deck and win tournaments. I know there is not THE strongest deck, but there are decks with better match ups. I suspect the "Basic Decks" are the cheapest. Because of that it should be a deck for Basic tournaments.

I have read that the best decks are the "Witchblade" decks. So far I was defeated by "Nehantists decks". Are these decks the best currently?

I noticed that few players in the tournament were present in spite of many enrollments. Is this format is not as popular as eg standard or Global?

This may sound like deck begging, but the community is just not as big as in Magic. There is no classification of areas according to format (Basic - Standard - Global). And there's no pinned deck primer which are up2date. Maybe I can also stimulate a discussion or something, I would be happy about deck lists.

If I am wrong with the costs (Standard is cheaper), or basic is a dead format (as Extended Magic) then please correct me.

If I sold everything I'm probably up to 200-300k.

Thanks for your assistance.

Auteur :  Konko [ 27 Mai 2014, 14:54 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [Basic] - Deck

I would be especially interested in a complete list and which heroes you should play. I think or look absolutely strong, but he is a dragon knight and She belongs to the Compendium. looks pretty solid, but he is not so special synergizes with the rest of the deck (except , etc.), he grants access to pirates. However, I believe that the use of "witch blades only" is better. makes the use of & a bit better and at the maximum stage of development, support the other witch blades with +1 attack - such abilities are always pretty good. still look very solid and (solo) I think is better than .

So I would focus on these three, what do you say?:

(cost 7,5 k - 9,6 k)
(cost 6,4 k)
(cost 140k) / (cost 67k)
Who is better?

The selection of the heroes was relatively easy, but the other cards are not so simple. The is set, as all heroes will get ALL bonuses, thanks to the multi-classes.

Pemanent Defense +1
Pemanent Spirit +1
Pemanent Attack +1
Defense +1 Spirit +1 until end of the round
And chaining into magic or action

That's hard for a card.

is also very good, but apart from that I am very unsure what else belongs in my deck. The list looks so far like this:

(cost 7,5 k - 9,6 k)
(cost 6,4 k)
(cost 140k) / (cost 67k)
Who is better?

3 (3x 13k)
3 (3x 12k)
3 (3 x 4k)
3 (3x 51k)

[?] (43k)
[?] (10k)
[?] (0,6k)
[?] (43k)

Auteur :  Legendace [ 27 Mai 2014, 15:47 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [Basic] - Deck

Since i never played Basic or Witchblades, i can't help you. But is one of the 2 evolution ways of . So when you give enouph experiance to , you can evolve it to or who is Dragon Knight! ;)

You should also check here for some deck ideas on WB.

As other players might say to you the english forum HAD better days... :(

Auteur :  Wolvos [ 27 Mai 2014, 18:42 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: [Basic] - Deck

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