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Auteur :  hachin [ 02 Avril 2013, 20:37 ]
Sujet du message :  Full House [FH]

Hi everyone, 'sup?

Here's the short note (for those who prefer pictures over words, but nope, just less words here) :
- FULLHOUSE clan is open for recruitment
- Mainly ENGLISH-SPEAKING community (the higher-ups are!)
- Love to discuss strategies and deck building (both ELO (but its getting cliché) and FUN decks)
- Looking for both new and veteran iTCG players (preferably English-speaking, if not why are you on the English forum huh?, but others are just as welcomed :D )
- Enjoys fun talk but takes actions seriously, honours code of gaming and sportsmanship
- Join us perhaps? :)

Okay, here's the better lengthy version for those who have time to spare :

Greetings fellow players and forum-ers, this clan FULLHOUSE has been up for sometime, back before the new forum was implemented. The clan was owned by someone else, but apparently I usurped the throne without any notification whatsoever when the leader suddenly disappeared, leaving the clan in the darkness as it always had been, sadly...

Ahem, I do not know why he chose me to govern this band of weird men, I've always been a free player (sorry Eredan, haven't spent a buck on you, not a single Euro either) and I've been playing this game for about 2 years now, with all the experience I've gained and the time I've spent, this game has pulled me in deeply
(and till now I've not a single legendary Character, which is pretty normal for free-players, again sadly...).

BUT NONETHELESS! I don't strive to be the number ONE in the game, I enjoy the game. I enjoy beating giants with my decks. I enjoy contesting against fellow players in a game of wit (which unfortunately Eredan seems to be lacking as more OP cards are released).

And after all this time, wouldn't it be interesting to share the joy and fun with other people connected by a simple bond such as ow-i-dunno, CLANSHIP? (me no homo pls)

SO PEOPLE OF THE REAL WORLD, join my shiny clan :3

'nuff said. find me in-game or simply post here to join.
See you guys on the flipside.

Auteur :  ioxygen [ 04 Avril 2013, 21:02 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: Full House [FH]

Hi, Ima free player as well and currently in the clan. Like to see more peeps stack up to keep the clan chat running too. We got a variety of decks going head to head too and testing things out. Ain't no game for events without a hip clan for english speakers aye :D

So do drop an application as we push the walls further!

Auteur :  KINGxXxGAME [ 16 Octobre 2013, 20:55 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: Full House [FH]

i need clan to join i am active 2 days a week lv20 here not a free player but not crazy spender too lol KINGxXxGAME already sent message hope u accept me thanks

mainly i back from long time i think it is a year since i played my last match
so i need new ideas have nice resources just need to know someone tell me how to invest it well because i feel that this game changed a lot since last time i played

i do not know muck about clans if someone can explain me how this system work it would be nice thanks

Auteur :  Axdiez [ 21 Février 2014, 02:34 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: Full House [FH]

I suppose im a bit of a veteran and some of a noob, i played for several years ago but stopped to come back about a week ago. anyhow: id love to join you if you're still recruiting!

Auteur :  DuRalle [ 25 Juin 2014, 22:12 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: Full House [FH]

how do you leave a clan that i am in, to join yours, if you are still recruiting

Auteur :  Wolvos [ 25 Juin 2014, 23:11 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: Full House [FH]

in the options, you can leave the clan, or you can be kicked by the clan's leader

Auteur :  hachin [ 03 Avril 2015, 10:42 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: Full House [FH]

Sorry guys, the clan recruitment is closed mostly due to inactivity on my part. I've been away from the game for a long time(almost a year) and there's a heck lot of catching up to do if I were to be on par with the older veterans :D
I'll just be playing for fun in the meantime and would be unable to tend to administrative clan-related tasks so, see you in the game!

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