How to avoid bugs in programming
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Auteur :  Cat_Wachter [ 28 Juin 2016, 17:48 ]
Sujet du message :  How to avoid bugs in programming

Just learn from the big (wizard, who invented card games with creature). ;)

The System has a stack order. This avoids that effects trigger two times (or even more). It also is important for trigger to trigger in the right order. It is no problem, that magic uses mana and many creatures and eredan does not use mana and only 3 fix creatures, because the problem to deal with the trigger order is the same in bouth games.

Most bugs with bonus on status-values and most bugs which leads to double damage or double heal may depend on the lack of an clean programmed stack oder or if there is such a system a bad implementment of new cards or reedited new effects into that system.

So learn from the big card games and use a stack order system and implement the cards clean in the stack order system. This should avoid most bugs.

or explanation as video:

Also always search for all the old cards with that name (including collecters edition) and connect them with the new in the right way. Bugs that still happen:
- old and new card have different loads [like actual old 10 loads and new 9 loads]
- old cards cant be played [like old version lv 4 ice border]
- old and new cards can be played doubled = like same char 2 times / same other cards 6 times
- collecters edition of a rare card / legend card does not count for the new Quilingo limitations [/ / ] (this one might be tricky, but has to be fixed)

Auteur :  Wolvos [ 28 Juin 2016, 19:48 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: How to avoid bugs in programming

i think this isnt the problem, they fix the bugs or some of them and i think they are aware of them, but they lack of time to do it

you said it, it is the same bug over and over, then what is the problem? i think it isnt bad programming

Auteur :  Mr. Zub [ 28 Juin 2016, 20:44 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: How to avoid bugs in programming

It is not a problem until there are more than 3 cards in play from each side. So Stack system actually may be good in such cases.

Auteur :  GriefStone [ 28 Juin 2016, 22:38 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: How to avoid bugs in programming

But wouldn't that mean, that we must have the ability as players to decide the order of effects, that are already attached? Even order bonuses would have to be considered, which means that at some point priority could change to the opponent. Does that mean, that he/she can add, in response to his or hers OB, cardeffects/triggers currently in play.
Another issue with such a system is the interaction after an effect resolves. Because normally a chase/stack/chain allows the players to interact.
Or maybe i just miss the point? ^^;

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