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Do you think this new Sacred/Damned feature needs modifications ?
Yes, This feature needs some adjustment to preserve the future of the game. 99%  99%  [ 87 ]
No, This feature is good for the game with no changes needed 1%  1%  [ 1 ]
Nombre total de votes : 88
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Message Publié : 13 Août 2017, 01:44 
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Inscription : 04 Février 2013, 21:44
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Localisation : Peru
The easiest solution without having to modify them; Would be to create two more minimal rooms; That could be these:

1.- A normal room, where you can not play soul cards or triple characters. What do not work as soul cards.
2.- A global tournament room, where you can not play soul cards. What do not work as soul cards
3.- .....

And to boost the game more, they should do more propaganda as they did before, example:

Also look for new servers where you can buy crystals or diamonds, almost all of America can not buy, are losing profits there.

"Las Tinieblas no lastiman a las Tinieblas"

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Message Publié : 14 Août 2017, 11:05 

Inscription : 25 Juillet 2014, 11:37
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so here is my idea for somehow solving this royal BS that feerik produced here...

Holy and Damned are all about balance right? like ying and yang like light and shadow...

so how about this rule: for each holy/damned card in a deck you will have to put another of the other type in as well...

so in my mind what this rule would do is to limit the chance of playing ure uber combo while still allowing it... thus players will be able to play their favorite BS combos which destroy me totally in round 1-2 but not EVERY damn time...

so first of all i m thinking that this also ought to include characters... so you can only have 1 holy, 1 damned and 1 normal char (cause of the balance)

and with the rest of the cards if you have 3 damned soul cards in ure deck you have to have 3 holy cards in your deck as well (again for balance)... so now there is a chance that you have to play your damned cards with your holy character... thus no effect should take place.... anyhow the chance still exists that holy char plays holy cards and starts off with combo XYZ...

i think this way the "uberness" would lose an edge... it would also allow players to keep whatever they bought cause now they only need additions... so another thing that will happen is that for the next few months players will not be able to use their fav damned holy decks cause they will need to adjust... so that means i can play in peace... i got no problem being beaten... but this game is not about playing 1-2 cards and then see what my enemy did and how it plays out...

this rule could help the game i think...

you get me so far? what do u think?

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