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 Sujet du message : USEFUL! please read
Message Publié : 31 Janvier 2013, 18:05 

Inscription : 23 Janvier 2013, 09:16
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The Bug section is a space to help players

This isn't subject to debate, a few rules have to be respected:

- No flood/spam.
- No trolling.
- No debates on bankers/no bankers.
- No insults or aggressive behaviour.
- Respect of the Netiquette obligatory.
- No advertising outside Feerik games

Good gaming.

I have a problem ingame, what to do?

Do you have a problem with your computer or a problem linked to the game? Well this is the section for you. The Eredan staff will try and help you to the best of their abilities.

A few small rules to follow:

- Before posting, please check if a topic relating to your issue hasn't been created yet. Yu can use Google or the search option for this.

- The number of problems and the difficulty to resolve them can take time depending on the issue at hand. So please be patient. Do not worry, the staff regularly checks the forum to check if there is any problems with the game so your help would be much appreciated!

- Please write correctly and be precise on the problem at hand. A screenshot is always very welcome and in some cases even required to understand the situation correctly.

- One topic per problem only.

- If your problem is linked with one of our partners (Ticket surf, optelo, paypal ect...) please use the "contact" link in-game.

Notice the existence of the Feerik support that can also answer your questions and help you especially with bank problems.

Good Game to you.

Taking a screenshot

Here are a few tips on how to take a few screenshots.

1) Press print screen on your keyboard
2) Open paint
3) Press ctrl V
4) Save your picture/image, you can even resize your image.
5) Host your image (be careful to respect the format or size)
6) Use the IMG button to post the picture in your message (tool bar at the top)

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Message Publié : 13 Janvier 2014, 17:16 
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Inscription : 22 Janvier 2013, 18:52
Message(s) : 2480
If you have a bug that concerns the game features in general, the problem could be due to your computer- or browser settings.

Please try the following steps:

- Test the bug on a different browser or use Firefox if that's not already the case

- If you're playing on Facebook, try to log in via the main site
(You can define a password in the account settings ingame)

- Delete your browsercache (Ctrl+Shift+Del)

- Update your Flashplayer

- Update your Browser

- Delete the Flash cache (click here on "delete all sites" or choose at least the entries from Eredan)

- Allow images to load automatically (browser options -> content)

- Check if the firewall or your antivirus software block any graphics

- Test the bug on a different computer

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 Sujet du message : Submit a ticket
Message Publié : 19 Mai 2015, 15:38 
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Inscription : 04 Février 2013, 17:01
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Localisation : da world

select the language and the game (

fill the requested items

this support is only useful when nobody reply here in the forum OR with account issues (problems with the status of your account)

please dont report card bugs or game crashes in

My (outdated) decks

create a new post if you want to communicate with me, DONT SEND PMs!!!!


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