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 Sujet du message : Storm Linkers
Message Publié : 10 Février 2013, 06:51 
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Inscription : 05 Février 2013, 20:33
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here's my current stone linkers deck
(Air/fire version)
(Earth/Air version)

Main damage source:
x2 (not enough for a 3rd atm)
Main support cards:
x1 (saving for 2 more)

Other Cards:
Optional Support cards:

Main idea is to play multiple AoE spells in one turn through Unlinkment, break the second chain, and illumination. make full use of Maen's ability to play from the hand to either play a 3rd spell, or by playing tosotc to bost the 2 spells after it. the Air Stone-hearts are good for reducing spirit and it's usually best to put both on maen if an opponent has high spirit so he can tap them and reduce it to 0. Fair Trade is extremely useful as you'll often be discarding cards to keep an air spell in hand, but be careful that it doesn't leave you with no air spells in the discard and a few Unlinkments in hand. Wanted! is there to help with spirit reduction but It's not always helpful as it won't take effect until their second fight.
-can play multiple AoE
-can kill opponents without battling them if air-stones are used right
-deck can recycle so less likely to lose by deck out.
-multiple high spirit opponents like mages or priests can kill you off while you struggle to reduce their spirit
-decks with a lot of AoE heals can recover quickly against you.
-Boss characters(ones that count as 3 character) have to much HP to kill them in time
-decks with lots of damage reduction take very little damage(Temple Guardians and any deck with Nebsen.
-Decks that can OHK characters can sometimes kill you before you can pull off a combo

if anyone has any suggestions for improvement let me know. Please be aware that I can't afford anything to expensive, though I do have a lot of event cards. If I could afford them I'd look at Mastery and Compendium Secret.
Also of note: this deck has rarely lost to the Earth Elementals in the Dark Tower.

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 Sujet du message : Re: Storm Linkers
Message Publié : 11 Février 2013, 05:48 

Inscription : 04 Février 2013, 17:35
Message(s) : 84
You could try using the spirit raising/debuff card I think its called Globetrotter I can't remember correctly

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