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 Sujet du message : basic deck advice
Message Publié : 18 Novembre 2013, 23:38 

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Hello everbody!
I played Eredan what seems like a lifetime ago(2 years) and sadly had to stop due to computer issues and then proceeding to forget about the game. But I have returned with a burning desire to play once more. Buuut like i said it has been anlong time, the card pool has increased and i no longer know even half the cards, my deck is no longer even close to competitive in the global pvps so it seems like the best step is to jump into basic and work my way up to standard.

So my question is this;
What is the basic meta like and what should i be trying to build? I dont want a net deck persay but a general shell would help 103%. I am hoping their is some competive pirates or nehantist decks out there. This is ll under the assumption of infinte Feez to avoid budget converstions.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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 Sujet du message : Re: basic deck advice
Message Publié : 04 Décembre 2013, 07:52 
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I'm going to assume you mean the Basic Tournament meta, as opposed to the other ones or the horror of free battles.

Run Witchblades. Win all day every day. Seriously, I have yet to hear a reason why they should lose to anything in Basic.

Key cards;

insanely useful for everything.
combos with above nicely and you still get your swing.
first reason why they are very strong. Pluses to all their stats, and they keep the Spirit+Attack bonuses. Which they really want for the Fireball from above or...
let's see; Usually +4 attack along with +4 defense? Why the heck not!

The above is usually supported with , , or if they feel mean

Hope that helps you save cash instead of dumping it into a useless deck. No excuse me, I need to find someone to buy this bridge off me named Tracker.

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