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Message Publié : 04 Août 2017, 03:40 

Inscription : 07 Février 2013, 20:31
Message(s) : 73
Soul Stones have become a pain for new players or comeback players as they cannot even think about winning against a souled deck. The system could be better if Soul Stones became more accessible. Players could catch the ones with full souled decks and could test more strategies with them, not limited to 1 souled deck only (all soul stones spent there) or repent for chosing the wrong side (sacred over damned or the opposite).

So my idea is to add a permanent quest (that could be completed by playing in PvP rooms or tournaments) to reward a Soul Stone. It would be repitable and would reward active players that complete the quests more often and help bringing back people to tournaments (today there are, rarely, 200+ people only).

Maybe when we complete the 7th day quest we could get a soul stone instead of a random bad card.

Also a chance buff in getting them in boosters. I read somewhere in the forums that a guy bought like 23-25 boosters and got no one. He should be getting at least 3-4 minimum.

For new players, to help catching other players would receive a Soul Stone in specific achievements. So since the beggining of the game they would be getting used to the system, by evolving their first decks with it and not learning about it by frustration like it is nowadays.

Maybe slight changes to soul system would do well. Maybe limiting number of souled characters or number of souled cards per deck, making you not be able to mix sacred and damned in the same deck would also be a good first step.

I hope it helps the staff.

Evil is just a point of view.

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Message Publié : 14 Août 2017, 11:16 

Inscription : 25 Juillet 2014, 11:37
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in that order:

Changes Yes, the rest No!

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Message Publié : 03 Octobre 2017, 13:57 

Inscription : 10 Novembre 2013, 22:48
Message(s) : 83
For me +1 to add some (1-5) soul stones to one time achievements.

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